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Rowing Orders

posted Nov 25, 2014, 12:46 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 26, 2014, 3:02 AM]

With the Swiftsure Regatta coming up it’s important that we belay that landlubber chatter, batten down the binnacle, brail the brass monkey, and so forth.  Here is a list of the standard LBT rowing instructions for Swiftsure but appropriate for (or adaptable to) most rowing boats. 

  1.  Step your oars: Place the oar handles in the oar steps on the inside of the bilge of the boat, with the looms in the thole pins or oarlocks.
  2.  Forward and ready: Rowers lean forwards holding the oar handles and looms, legs straight and braced against stretchers or thwarts aft of them. The blades are held just above the surface of the water.
  3. Give way together: Rowers lower their blades into the water and pull with arms and wrists straight, drop elbows at the end of the stroke and lower hands enough to bring the blades out of the water for the next stroke. Repeat in strict time with the stroke oar. 
  4. Easy Oars: Rest on the looms with the oars clear of the water. 
  5. Lay on your oars: Bring oars inboard across both gunwales and rest on them. 
  6. Hold Water: Place blades in the water, very gradually if travelling at any speed, so that they slow the speed of the boat. If a sharp turn is wanted, the order, “Hold Water Port”, or “Hold Water Starboard” will be used. 
  7. Backwater: Row backwards, pushing the water instead of pulling; usually given to one side only while manoeuvring in a confined space. 
  8. Mind your oars: Usually, “Mind your oars Port”, or” Mind your oars Starboard”, to avoid an obstruction. 
  9. Toss oars: Rowers lift the oars out of the oarlocks or thole pins and hold them upright with handles on the bottom of the boat, blades swivelled fore and aft. Some strength is needed for this. It is useful when coming alongside a pier or another vessel at anchor or negotiating a narrow passage while the Headsman sculls with the sweep from the stern, and can be used as a salute. 
  10. Boat your oars: Unship the oars from the oarlocks or thole pins and lay them fore and aft in the boat with the blades aft. This is best done by one rower at a time, starting from the bow. 

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