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tn19 Accompanying yachts

posted Aug 24, 2018, 5:35 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Aug 24, 2018, 5:39 PM]

We get many enquiries from people wanting toparticipate in the tawe nunnugah Raid on larger yachts. The Raid is principallya small open boat expedition although we always have some larger accompanyingboats. These yachts are part of our safety system agreeing to stand-by toprovide assistance and, when called on, tow boats of the Raid fleet. We have somany yachts wanting to join us that we have to manage their numbers to ensurethe Raid retains it’s essential character as a small boat expedition. It’simportant to the spirit of the Raid that everyone feels they are part of theoverall event and a big part of this is everyone coming together for the mealsin the evening – not just shadowing the fleet on a yacht and eating on-board.But this raises another factor – the numbers on the Raid are limited by thenumber we can feed and support at the camps. If we feed the yacht people we reducethe number that can participate on the small Raid boats. For this reason,people on accompanying yachts are asked to pay the standard participation fee.We do make some exceptions, for example, the doctor taking on theresponsibility as Fleet Medical Officer, is offered a fee reduction. Insummary, some accompanying yachts are welcome and needed. They form anessential part of our safety system but we ask that they pay the normalparticipation fee unless they are taking on a significant extra level ofresponsibility.  Please contact the tn19Coordinator before booking as an Accompanying yacht.