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Women on the Water to the Rescue

posted May 6, 2013, 6:47 PM by Richard Forster   [ updated May 11, 2013, 10:18 PM]

Syrah, another beautiful double ender named after the grape that makes Shiraz wine, and designed by Iain Oughtred,  who designed Imagine, was heading for a tragic fate as an unfinished project until she arrived on the verandah of the Living boat trust last Friday. Her owner is Louise Crossley, one of Tasmania’s great womencientist, Green parliamentary candidate, and expedition leader in Antarctica. She has been a strong supporter of the LBT a keen rower, and participant in Tawe Nunnugah in the Swiftsure crew and on Yukon in 2013.  Syrah had been nearly finished by boatbuilder  Mike Seeney, when he became ill with ancer .He died last year. Chris Burke, founder of the Living Boat Trust back in 1998 came to the rescue, and tried to fit her in between other work, but  what with Louise  being diagnosed with ancer herself, and being unlikely to be able to use her boat as planned, it looked as though Mike’s work might be wasted.  Luckily, a chance meeting at Adventure Bay  betwen Louise and a member of LBT  enabled Louise to learn that Women on Water were looking for a new challenge to maintain the momentum generated by the building of Imagine.  Inquiries were made and Women on Water agreed to take the job on. In return, Louise  has agreed in principle to donate her boat to the LBT, for our general purposes, so as to make it possible for us to extend the support of our organisation to children, who like herself, have cancer to contend with. The plan is that Syrah be kept at the Living Boat Trust for use by Canteen, the kids with cancer support group, as part of our sailing and ‘on the water’ programs. and also for use by LBT members, including herself, as an expedition boat. Syrah has built in bouyancy, a lug sail and rowing positions, and will be ideal for her new role. Chris Burke  came down to the shed and did a ‘handover’ on Friday night. Thanks to Pete Laidlaw for going over to the Seeney and Edwards property at Birch’s Bay, Lawrence Burgin for lending us a trailer, Chris Burke for hauling us out of trouble up the muddy road with his 4 wheel drive, and Wendy Edwards for looking after Syrah. Congratulations to Women on Water for going the extra mile to help out and setting an example of how to strengthen a community in times of trouble. John Young