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Minutes from Nancy Fanciers Meeting

posted Sep 6, 2021, 1:22 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Sep 30, 2021, 2:44 PM]

At the Shed, 6th September 5pm

Present: BrianPain, Martin Riddle, Andy Ritchie, Paul Frost, Glynn Shevels, BrianMarriott

Minutes: Richard Forster

  1. What work isrequired?

    1. Dynilsheathing.

      1. Small areas.

      2. Should beable to glue in patches easily.

    2. Painting abovethe waterline to the gunwhales.

      1. Paint islifting. May have been a primer issue.

      2. Considerpaint types.

      3. May need topay somebody to do the job. Could spend some of the money donatedby Judy Krynen.

        1. Mark Adamshas experience and might be a good person to do the job

        2. Also WoodenBoat Centre.

      4. Use thetrailer in the first instance.

        1. Considerusing the Evaporator Sheds. Approach owners.

        2. Do a dry runat the ramp just with the trailer, preferably at low tide to seewhat is going on. Thursday meet at Shed at 2.30pm.

    3. Tensioner fordrive belt.

      1. Need adesign.

        1. Tensionwheel

        2. Pivot themotor – some sort of pivot on the mounting plate.

        3. Get JohnDriesen to look at it.

        4. AndrewPerkins.

      2. Do we needtoothed belts?

      3. Notimmediately required.

    4. Paint thedecks alongside the cabin.

      1. Can’t do aproper job until the decks are dry.

      2. Would be goodto do whilst boat is in shed.

    5. Steering gearshould have stops to prevent the rudder turning to far.

      1. Might be ajob for the engineer to look at.

      2. Dealing withthe bilge. Advice is to leave it unpainted.

  2. When do we getNancy out of the water?

        1. November 8th1.15pm is a good time

  3. Bilges.

    1. Have beenblasted and vacuumed.

    2. Wash withfresh water – not salt.

    3. Planksprobably oil soaked.

    4. Just keepcleaning them.

    5. Live with baretimbers.

  4. Cabin

    1. Has rot in atleast 2 window frames.

    2. Needappropriate wood. Tuesday group, and Dennis can tackle.

  5. Decking.

    1. Lifting on theport side at the front. Would be easiest to do in the shed.

  6. Front windowleaks

    1. Is ok when thecover is on.

    2. If it pivoted,sideways or out, could be sealed.

    3. Paint cabinsides at the same time.

  7. Blinds havebeen fixed, paid for by Judy Krynen.

  8. Seniors week.

    1. Need crews –will advertise.

    2. Involve MarkAdams, Steve Wilson.

  9. Log in thecanal needs moving.

    1. Do it tomorrow(Tuesday).

Meeting closed18.06PM