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Battery Issues

posted Feb 20, 2021, 1:47 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Feb 20, 2021, 1:50 PM]

Meeting to discuss Nancy battery issues 18/2/21

Notes: RichardForster

Present: TomStevens, Brian Marriott, Paul Frost, Brian Pain

  • Background

    • At the OpenDay Nancy suddenly and unexpectedly lost power after less than anhour’s operation. After half an hour recharge she was able to goout, but after another half hour lost power again. Afterrecharging overnight she would appear to be back to ‘normal’.This unexpected loss of power also happened a year ago on the wayback from Kermandie.

    • Charger isadapted to lithium ion.

    • Batteries soldto us by a reputable dealer. Are six years old.

  • The problem

    • When thebattery is kept on continuous charge, it isn’t charged when itsaid it is.

    • Battery runsout well before it is expected to.

    • This problemhas occurred on multiple occasions.

    • There is nosure way of knowing how much charge is in the batteries unless theyare fully charged or discharged. The voltage doesn’t tell you.Not knowing is a big issue.

    • Can batteriesbe bench tested?

    • If batteriesare taken through a deep discharge then brought up they ‘comeup’, shown by practical application.

    • Controllerworks at individual cell level.

    • Is the problemwith the controller?

      • Brian hasbeen checking this against measuring individual cells.

      • It isdifficult to test with a different controller.

      • Check for areset on the charger (Brian M)

      • Tom to send alink to Controller Discussion Groups to Brian M (Tom S)

    • Charger.

      • What sort?

      • Charger,controller and batteries bought as a unit.

      • It is inswitch mode, but not absolutely certain.

    • Get moreinformation. 

      • Talk toBattery World Brian P). 

      • Talk tocontacts and distributor, Rod Dilkes (Brian M).

      • Isthe battery prematurely aged? CraigSalmon at French car care Kingston is a go to person for electriccar owners. 0407126164.

      • Off grid installers may have information.

    • Batteries areprotected from overuse by controller.

    • Stop gapmeasures.

      • Need to keepbatteries off full charge. Only charge up when going out. Infuture:

        • Skipper doesNOT normally put boat on charge (don’t plug in). If batteryvery low put it on a couple of hours timer charge (Brian M toarrange timer).

        • Boat MUST bebooked out at least 24 hours before.

        • Plugged inthe night before.

        • Need to aroster of ‘chargers’ who are informed when the boat is goingout so that it can be charged. This needs to be incorporatedinto scheduling system (Richard).

        • Generators.

          • Can makemodifications so that we are able to charge off a small motor, which has been a problem in the past (Brian).

          • Speak toRod Dilkes (Brian).

        • Check theanchor (Brian P).

        • Need asafety boat capable of towing Nancy on standby (with driver). Rowan is ok, Tom is backup.

        • April10th-11th Maritime trail Endra’s Nord is available as safetyboat.

        • Share theNancy calendar with critical people (Richard).

        • Need toschedule a few test runs (tow Rowan).

          • NextTuesday (11am) Brian, Brian, Tom, Paul.

          • Trip to theslip – organise. (Richard). 

 Pic Happier days – Christmas 2015